Recent News About Caroline
Caroline Kim
graduate student
B.A. in Neuroscience, Amherst College

I am interested in developing new technologies based on Oligopaints approach in order to further investigate chromosome organization in Drosophila as well as mammalian systems. 


A conditional system to specifically link disruption of protein-coding function with reporter expression in mice.
Chiou SH, Kim-Kiselak C, Risca VI, Heimann MK, Chuang CH, Burds AA, Greenleaf WJ, Jacks TE, Feldser DM, Winslow MM.
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Obligate progression precedes lung adenocarcinoma dissemination.
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CRISPR-Cas-mediated targeted genome editing in human cells.
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Optimization of scarless human stem cell genome editing.
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Differential Tks5 isoform expression contributes to metastatic invasion of lung adenocarcinoma.
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Suppression of lung adenocarcinoma progression by Nkx2-1.
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