Recent News about Eric
Eric Joyce
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph. D. in Genetics and Microbiology, Rutgers University

My primary goal is to identify the factors required for somatic homolog pairing. I am using FISH to conduct genome-wide RNAi-driven screens for mutants that alter the fidelity of homolog pairing in Drosophila and then will characterize the genetic pathways that are identified. To address cancer directly, I am also working with Brian Beliveau to generate low-cost high-resolution chromosome paints that will permit analyses of human tumor types and cell lines as well as a screen of the human genome for pairing factors.


Germline Progenitors Escape the Widespread Phenomenon of Homolog Pairing during Drosophila Development.
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Versatile design and synthesis platform for visualizing genomes with Oligopaint FISH probes
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Joyce E.F., Williams B.R., Xie T., Wu C.-t..
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Drosophila ATM and ATR have distinct activities in the regulation of meiotic DNA damage and repair.
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When specialized sites are important for synapsis and the distribution of crossovers.
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