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Jumana Alhaj Abed
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology
Southern Methodist University
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My goal is to better characterize trans-homolog pairing, and its functional consequences using super-resolution microscopy and Hi-C.


Highly Structured Homolog Pairing Reflects Functional Organization of the Drosophila Genome.
Jumana AlHaj Abed, Jelena Erceg, Anton Goloborodko, Son C. Nguyen, Ruth B. McCole, Wren Saylor, Geoffrey Fudenberg, Bryan R. Lajoie, Job Dekker, Leonid A. Mirny, Ting (C.-ting) Wu. bioRxiv: October, 2018

The genome-wide, multi-layered architecture of chromosome pairing in early Drosophila embryos.
Jelena Erceg, Jumana AlHaj Abed, Anton Goloborodko, Bryan R. Lajoie, Geoffrey Fudenberg, Nezar Abdennur, Maxim Imakaev, Ruth B. McCole, Son C. Nguyen, Wren Saylor, Eric F. Joyce, T. Niroshini Senaratne, Mohammed A. Hannan, Guy Nir, Job Dekker, Leonid A. Mirny, Chao-ting Wu. bioRxiv: October, 2018

H3K36me3 key to Polycomb-mediated gene silencing in lineage specification.
AlHaj Abed, J. and R.S. Jones. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012. 19(12):1214-5.

Mapping Polycomb Response Elements at the Drosophila melanogaster giant locus.
AlHaj Abed, J., C. L. Cheng, C. R. Crowell, L. L. Madigan, E. Onwuegbuchu, S. Desai, J. Benes, R. S. Jones. G3 2013. 3(12):2297-2304.