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Welcome Huy Nguyen to study space genetics!

Huy is excited to look at the effects of extreme stresses, including zero gravity and desiccation, on chromatin nanostructure in human cells. This is especially thrilling as it will get us, as a human race, one step closer to being able to explore other planets and deeper regions of the Universe.

A new scientist joins our lab!

Welcome Jumana Alhaj Abed! Jumana is a postdoc interested in the intricacies of everything biology! She will be trying to understand the mechanisms of homolog pairing using super-resolution microscopy.

Welcome new pioneer Nuno Martins!

A new pioneer joins the lab, Nuno Martins, bringing the topic of centromeres with him! He will attempt to break new ground by visualizing (neo)centromere folding and topology by super-resolution microscopy, for the first time in-situ, in several different species.

Eric’s recent review on homolog pairing just published in Current Opinion in Genetics & Development.

Eric, Jelena, and Ting just published a new review discussing homolog pairing and anti-pairing in diploid genomes. You can check it out here

Lab's collaboration paper!! 

We are excited to announce that our collaborative paper together with Sunyaev and Gimelbrandt labs on monoallelic expression in humans has been recently published in Nature Genetics.

New super-resolution paper has been published in Nature!

Our recent collaborative paper together with Mirny and Zhuang labs on super-resolution imaging of different epigenetic states just recently got published in Nature.

Ting and Brian were interviewed for the most recent Oligopaints paper!

Ting and Brian were interviewed by Harvard Medical School to showcase the Oligopaints technology, and the most recent advances in looking at DNA with super resolution detail, as well as discriminate them based on parental origin.  You can find their interviews and videos here!


Ruth is featured on "LabTV - the people behind the science"!

LabTV is an initiative to introduce the public to scientists, like our own Ruth McCole!  Check it out here: http://www.labtv.com/Home/Profile?researcherId=1568


Jelena is featured on "LabTV - the people behind the science"!

LabTV is an initiative to introduce the public to scientists, like our own Jelena Erceg!  Check it out here: https://www.labtv.com/Home/Profile?researcherId=1420


Welcome the new guy in town, Guy Nir!

Hailing from a pedigree of biophysics, our new postdoctoral fellow Guy Nir aims to uncover the underlying order that governs the structure of chromatin.  Like other successful pioneers, Guy will be documenting his quests in his own online lab notebook, which you can follow here.