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Welcome the new guy in town, Guy Nir!

Hailing from a pedigree of biophysics, our new postdoctoral fellow Guy Nir aims to uncover the underlying order that governs the structure of chromatin.  Like other successful pioneers, Guy will be documenting his quests in his own online lab notebook, which you can follow here.


Brian's paper on Super Resolution OligoPaints has been published in Nature Communications!

Brian's breakthrough paper on using Oligopaints to look at the structure of the genome with super resolution has been published in Nature Communications ("Single-molecule super-resolution imaging of chromosomes and in situ haplotype visualization using Oligopaint FISH probes").  This was the product of several successful collaborations, and it enables us to look at DNA with unprecedented detail. 


Ruth’s new ultraconserved elements paper just published in PLoS Genetics! 

Ruth, Chamith, and Ting, along with their collaborator Amnon Koren just published a new paper describing how the copy number, or dosage, of UCEs can change between healthy, cancer, and iPS cells.  You can find it published here in Plos Genetics!



Welcome Kwasi, our newest postdoc!

Kwasi (Andrews Agbleke) is our newest postdoc/pioneer, and he has been tasked with developing new imaging technologies to help us visualize the genome in its dynamic and intricate glory!  Let us all welcome him and wish him luck!


Welcome, Kaia!

Our newest rotation student, Kaia Mattioli, joins us from the BBS PhD program to combine bioinformatics, FISH analyses, and some population genetics to study ultraconserved element function.


Ruth presents at the "Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology" FASEB Conference!

Ruth gave a well-recieved talk on ‘Ultraconserved Elements and Copy Number Variation' the FASEB conference on Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology at Itasca, IL last week. Highlights of the conference included Houra Merrikh (University of Washington, USA) discussing bacterial genome evolution, and Yamuna Krishnan (National Centre for Biological Sciences, India) giving a scintillating presentation on ‘Synthetic DNA devices in living systems’.


Roxana Tarnita - a pioneer-in-training!

We said goodbye to our newest rotation student, Roxana Tarnita, with a lunch at Sweet Cheeks Barbecue, after her closing lab meeting presentation on ‘UCEs and Pairing’. We hope very much to welcome her back as a full lab member but wish her luck in her PhD wherever it takes her!


Jelena was awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship!

With her postdoctoral research proposal to investigate chromosome organization during fly development, Jelena was awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship. The Wu lab is very proud of this great accomplishment!



As one pioneer leaves, three others join!

Fred Bantignies will be sorely missed.  His passion for chromosome organization was inspiring, and his personality was infectious.  But while France has taken him from us, we have hired three others to fill the gap he has left in our lab and our hearts.

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Ruth’s selected talk at the Gordon Human Genetics and Genomics talk attracts interest

Ruth’s selected abstract talk on ‘Ultraconserved Elements and Copy Number Variation’ at the Gordon Conference in Human Genetics and Genomics at Bryant University on July 8th was very well received, with discussions on Ultraconservation continuing throughout the meeting, and new collaborations formed.