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Ruth presents at the "Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology" FASEB Conference!

Ruth gave a well-recieved talk on ‘Ultraconserved Elements and Copy Number Variation' the FASEB conference on Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology at Itasca, IL last week. Highlights of the conference included Houra Merrikh (University of Washington, USA) discussing bacterial genome evolution, and Yamuna Krishnan (National Centre for Biological Sciences, India) giving a scintillating presentation on ‘Synthetic DNA devices in living systems’.


Roxana Tarnita - a pioneer-in-training!

We said goodbye to our newest rotation student, Roxana Tarnita, with a lunch at Sweet Cheeks Barbecue, after her closing lab meeting presentation on ‘UCEs and Pairing’. We hope very much to welcome her back as a full lab member but wish her luck in her PhD wherever it takes her!


Jelena was awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship!

With her postdoctoral research proposal to investigate chromosome organization during fly development, Jelena was awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship. The Wu lab is very proud of this great accomplishment!



As one pioneer leaves, three others join!

Fred Bantignies will be sorely missed.  His passion for chromosome organization was inspiring, and his personality was infectious.  But while France has taken him from us, we have hired three others to fill the gap he has left in our lab and our hearts.

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Ruth’s selected talk at the Gordon Human Genetics and Genomics talk attracts interest

Ruth’s selected abstract talk on ‘Ultraconserved Elements and Copy Number Variation’ at the Gordon Conference in Human Genetics and Genomics at Bryant University on July 8th was very well received, with discussions on Ultraconservation continuing throughout the meeting, and new collaborations formed.


Brian's paper on Oligopaints has been published in PNAS!

Led by Brian Beliveau, the pioneering work on Oligopaints has been published in PNAS.  Much like how a torch provides light for explorers traversing the wilderness, Oligopaints has been designed to illuminate the genome by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).

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Frederic Bantignies joins the Wu lab!

The path of the pioneer is treacherous at best, further complicated by our doubts clouding our minds and leading us astray.  But now that cloud has lifted, and in its stead is the wisdom of Polycomb, imparted unto us by a sage from faraway lands, Frederic Bantignies. 

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Ting is awarded the NIH Director's Pioneer Award!

Each generation has their pioneers.  Lewis and Clark in the 19th century.  Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew in the 20th.  And now, at the dawn of the 21st, the Wu lab has emerged as our pioneers.

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Wu Lab Photoshoot!

Come look at the Wu Lab in all of its glory, we dare ya! 


Ruth's project is honored as one of the "Big Questions of 2013" at the Evolution Supergroup Annual Retreat!

Ruth presented a chalk talk on UCEs and their relationship to copy number variation at the Evolution Supergroup annual retreat at the Broad Institute on 20th August. This talk was paired with a presentation by Nicholas Crawford, PhD student, BU, on the use of UCEs as phylogenetic markers. The question of why UCEs are so conserved and what their function might be made it into the final discussion to become one of the 'Big Questions of 2013'!