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Brian's paper on Oligopaints has been published in PNAS!

Led by Brian Beliveau, the pioneering work on Oligopaints has been published in PNAS.  Much like how a torch provides light for explorers traversing the wilderness, Oligopaints has been designed to illuminate the genome by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).

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Frederic Bantignies joins the Wu lab!

The path of the pioneer is treacherous at best, further complicated by our doubts clouding our minds and leading us astray.  But now that cloud has lifted, and in its stead is the wisdom of Polycomb, imparted unto us by a sage from faraway lands, Frederic Bantignies. 

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Ting is awarded the NIH Director's Pioneer Award!

Each generation has their pioneers.  Lewis and Clark in the 19th century.  Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew in the 20th.  And now, at the dawn of the 21st, the Wu lab has emerged as our pioneers.

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Wu Lab Photoshoot!

Come look at the Wu Lab in all of its glory, we dare ya! 


Ruth's project is honored as one of the "Big Questions of 2013" at the Evolution Supergroup Annual Retreat!

Ruth presented a chalk talk on UCEs and their relationship to copy number variation at the Evolution Supergroup annual retreat at the Broad Institute on 20th August. This talk was paired with a presentation by Nicholas Crawford, PhD student, BU, on the use of UCEs as phylogenetic markers. The question of why UCEs are so conserved and what their function might be made it into the final discussion to become one of the 'Big Questions of 2013'!


Dr. Ruth McCole presented her exciting work on ultraconserved elements to the Department!

Ruth, who is the head of the bioinformatics wing of the Wu lab, gave a revealing talk on the enigma that is ultraconserved elements, or UCEs, for the Genetics Department.    

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Eric's paper on using high-throughput FISH to screen for pairing factors is being published in Plos Genetics (2012, vol. 8, issue 5)!

"Gonna fly now...flying high now...gonna fly, fly, fly!!!"

Eric has completed a massive undertaking in identifying factors that either promote or antagonize pairing factors by using RNAi screening combined with high-throughput FISH.  It has been published in Plos Genetics (2012, vol. 8, issue 5), click here for the article! 



Eric presented his screen for pairing factors to the Genetics Department! (May 19th)

Armed with the data from his newly pubished Plos Genetics paper, Eric presented to the Genetics Department and fielded questions with amazing calm and collectiveness. Judging by the response, the department was surely impressed by the scientific rigor that Eric displayed through his research.


Mohammed Hannan joins the lab (May 7th)!

We would like to welcome Mohammed Hannan to the the Wu Lab. He will provide the lab with much needed technical assistance as we expand our research efforts!


Katherine completes her internship with a stunning lab meeting (May 4th)

Katherine Chen has concluded her six-week internship and surprised the lab with a wealth of data! Sadly for us, she is returning to UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and we wish her the best with the rest of her medical education.