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Niroshi has passed her qualifying exam!

Let us all congratulate Niroshi, who has passed her exam with flying colors! Everyone is so proud of her and her major step into Ph.D. candidacy! We all celebrated with some nice bubbly and ice cream cake, as seen here.


Eric was awarded the Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellowship!

With his proposal to look at chromosome pairing using high-throughput FISH screening, Eric has been awarded the Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellowship.  The Wu lab is very proud of this great accomplishment!


Niroshi Senaratne joins the lab!

After completing her first year in the Harvard BBS program, Niroshi has decided to join the Wu lab to work on chromosome pairing.  We welcome her to our growing group of pairing enthusiasts!


Chromosome Dynamics meeting review

Back from Vermont, Brian and Ting went over the many interesting talks presented at the 2011 Chromosome Dynamics Gordon Conference!

Ting was also one of the presenters at the conference this year discussing our work on C. elegans and homolog pairing.


The Wu Lab welcomes three new members for the summer!

Chamith Fonseka, Vandana Apte, and Nicholas Apostolopoulos will be joining the lab this summer!

We are happy to have Vandana Apte and Chamith Fonseka for the summer. Chamith will be working with Ruth to study UCEs, and Vandana will be working with Sonny on Su(z)2.

We would also like to welcome Nicholas Apostolopoulos, who will be joining our lab as a technician. Most importantly, Nick is a Rutgers alumni, making him the 4th Scarlet Knight to join the lab!


Matt is off to Maine!

Matt will be going to Maine on November 15th to start a new collaboration with Dr. Mary Ann Handel at Jackson Laboratories.  We are hoping he will have a fun and productive week!


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