Wren Saylor
BA from Hamshire College

I am working together with Ruth McCole to understand ultraconservation in genomes. Comparing the genomes of multiple species reveals regions called ultraconserved elements that show extraordinary and unexplained levels of DNA conservation, motivating our search for explanations. The Wu lab has proposed a homology-based mechanism evaluating genome integrity as an underlying function of ultraconserved elements, in addition to their other possible roles including gene regulation. I am specifically investigating how their intrinsic properties, such as directionality in GC content, offer insight into their organization and dispersion across the genome.


Ultraconserved Elements Occupy Specific Arenas of Three-Dimensional Mammalian Genome Organization.
McCole RB, Erceg J, Sailor W., Wu CT. Cell Reports (2018) Volume 24, Issue 2, p479–488.